(SOLVED) of the Just Shall Live By Faith

In the near future the just will shine and its already shinging. Well, Anyway this will be a topic that will attract many. We shall live with  Faith and by its importance and that is why it is impossible to please God(YAHWEH)  without faith.  When he comes back will he still recover the fruits of belief which is FAITH .  Whoever does not work but believe that God justifies the ungodly his faith is accounted as righteous. 

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Just shall live by faith

We are all looking for the righteousness comes that come by faith, it easy believe you are forgiven.  You are not alone out here.  May the Father Bless the United States Of America and may our county become a light on a hill and no longer and lamp under the shadow.  We are huge in America.  We are a righteuous country but we need to get a righteous man in power.  These judges should not dictate our country.  

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. (Declaration of Independence)

So what was going on on.   Lets not drift from the faith but believe.  We are the ones that and not by sight.righteousness and Faith is the key

Faith and just go hand and hand.  We need to realize what we have in Christ and the just shall live by faith.

This saying should be proclaimed in the Church in which we are that Church. Seeing the just shall live by faith kjv is one version that we could all really get to see at the person and the imaginable.

Finding shall live by faith and we could really start to see the parts to make the only preacher and to really noah the eight generation of men and first of all you have adam, enosh, canon, and the tenth generation was noah.

How could Noah be the eight generation.


I have alot more to say and that will be coming soon.  For now let the anticipation flow and and watch.  Faith is what we live by for faith comes by hearing by the Word of God.  How can a man hear unless it is preach and who can preach unless  he is sent.  We will be having a full discussion on this because I am going to have to give you testimony and scriptures.

I could write all day on faith but for now it will be brief because I am just starting out and there will have be an attendance before I can really speak deeply.  My life will show you what faith is just as Paul said follow me for I follow Christ.  Again the Just shall live by faith.

What is Faith? The substance of things hope for and the evidence of things unseen.   This nothing compared to the just shall live by faith series.  So do not let your heart be trouble trust in God and trust in the one I follow.  

Again we must indeed say The Just Shall Live By Faith.


Here is a video of the just shall live by faith and we will know the truth.






Let us start to become the greatest in which we was called to do and now we should start becoming great and not forgetting what we were sent to do.  The greatness part is that we could be dead but we are alive forever more.  The just shall live by faith and we are here to stay.  Thank God for everything he has give us and the things that is not revealed but since we are here to stay on this earth for now let us pray and read the word and the let the spirit of the living God to dwell within us at all times.  We should become happy in the things that we have for without him we will fall and with him we can not fail.  He is our strength and our fortress and we are in him.

Let us begin to really meditate on his promises and to really act on his word because the time is evil and we won the victory.  Our victory is our Faith and with faith it is impossible to please the Father .  We were made for his good pleasure and the only way to please him is to have faith.  I wonder is it because we fully trust him in a world where live are lost and separation from him is possible. I wonder why satan would leave and not ask for forgiveness why would the Father allow satan to rain.  There is something we do not know and it is up to God to let us know about it.  The spirit in us know all things and jesus said that the spirit will declare the things that is ours.



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