WISDOM: Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For.

When I used to go to these churches that was made from this last generation, I found myself in bondage thinking if I could just obey these commandment then I would please God.  I would go a couple of hours but will fall back into my worldly thinking.  I was the man who received the word with joy but only lasted a short while because I had no root.

Understanding that the just shall live by faith and if you want to read more then visit. http://powerstarvoice.com/the-just-shall-live-by-faith/ 

The answer was not in me but it was the author and finisher of my Faith.  I read him which is now called the Bible but is really jesus the word of God.  I quickly found out that it is impossible to please God without Faith.  With faith as a mustard see I could move mountains.

Faith as a mustard Seed.

Faith as a mustard Seed.

I wanted to know how get this Faith.  Then I realized that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  Then I realized the word was spirit and I knew My name was flesh.  So I had to deny myself and just have faith in what God told me.  The just shall live by faith and without faith you can not please God.

Faith is not on this world and if God does not speak or show himself there is no one to have faith in .  Faith is the substance of things hoped for is because we do not have what we read but the holy spirit in us is the guarantee that he is true because he bears witness to our spirit that we are the sons of the living God.

But even that saying we must believe and take it in Faith before we even see the manifestation of the Word.

The substance is the hold of a house the foundation of a building and the anchor of our souls.  If you really think about it the word of God seems ridiculous but we know it is not.

That is why human argument to a believer about God leads to nowhere because they have been spiritually discerned and can not see the the things of God.

That is why Nicodemus who spent his life learning about God but still could not understand about the Born Of God statement.  This also shows that pastors could be out of touched with the wisdom of God and Christ never profit them.

That is why the Spirit of God say there will be some who is always learning and never coming to the Truth.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for we should edify and encourage the brethren to fight the good fight of Faith.

Here is a great video of Faith and Reasoning

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