Do miracles happen? Read My True Testimony Now!

Of course miracle happen,  every time I would pray for something I would get it.  Well how powestarvoice,  Easy I knew I was a son of God and I know Yahweh is my Father and Jesus was my brother.  Before my brother left he said ask the Father anything and he will give it to you.  James who is my other brother said that you have not what you ask for because you want to spend it on your own desires.

So I needed a miracle for money to eat and I would find 20 dollars on the floor hours later.  This miracle would happen over many times.  I would give some person the last of my earnings and minutes later I would find 45 dollars while singing.  So are you really trying to say do miracles happen.

So do miracles happen?

Miracles do not happen to others because they have no faith.  Believe that the thing you ask for without doubt and it shall be given to you.  Why would the father want to give you miracles to see because it produce to joy. Jesus said the he wants they joy he had in him to be in you.

Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

do Miracle happen

Miracle will happen for you but you must first despise the life you have now and understand your life will pass and the evil in the world.  You must despise everything in this world.  The family as you know it will be gone and the latter things will no longer come to mind.

Stop loving money and renew the mind with the word of God.  Do miracle happen?  Yes I have seen them countless of times and I want to show this church the truth.  Miracles should be a natural thing in your life.  When you doubt and ask can the bible be trusted.

Faith is what pleases God and not doing good or bad because you were not suppose to have knowledge of what was good or evil.  Miracles are the life of a son of God.  Jesus says these signs should follow those who are followers of him.

Lets enjoy these miracles with faith and lets make the world see the light of the sons of God.  Miracles will start to happen but you must believe without a doubt that just as jesus is you are the same in the world.

So do miracles happen,  of Course and I would like to have more on this subject in the future,


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