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We have created this site for the man who is born to be king.  This site is for the man who is here for greatness and the site to bring forth fruit for the Father.  We teach righteousness and the things that flow from this root.  This site will be know all over the search engines because we encourage all to link to this site.  If you have a business venture please feel free to email me at thepowerstarvoice@yahoo.com.  

We give our heart to the Father and the Lord Yeshua our new high priest. We love giving reviews about products so you can get what you paid for.  PowerStarVoice also help this new and the old generation with the right sellers to buy what they need.  

What we dislike but dont hate?

Fake people who act like they have never sinned in their lives.  Christians who go to church and feel like they are doing the Father a service. Christian who pass 5 homeless men and then go give the pastor money.  Christian who put people under the law when the our high priest fullfilled the law for us.  Christian who puts the pastors word over the living word of God.  Christians who have will read teh word and then forget what he just read.  Christian who hate the truth and would rather take the lie from the church.  

Why do we dislike these Christians?

We use to be on of the wanna be Christians.  We had a form of godliness but we did not know the truth.  We was ever learning but never coming to the truth. We boasted in our flesh but we where flesh minded.  We looked holy but did not know holy meant set apart for the Father’s Use. We were serving the church and not producing the true Church witch is the True Body. 


What can you Expect from PowerStarVoice International?

A honest answer and not a religion one. 

What makes you different from other Christian Websites?

We are not Christian site we are real humans who are believers in the word of Yeshua and the Father Yahweh.  We know the Father and understand him and he exercises love and kindness and justice forevermore.  If the Father does not send you here then I can do nothing.  

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